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Expert systems to support inspection services that are compliant with the European Union directives.

Who is e-Inspektor intended for?

e-Inspektor is intended for all inspection services in state administration bodies.

Examples of good practice

Why e-Inspektor?

The system oversees and improves the application of regulations, aligning different parts of inspection services. This allows the fundamental purpose to be achieved: increasing effectiveness and efficacy of the work of inspection services.

The system fully supports all business process in inspection services: planning inspection, risk management, keeping registers of inspected business and persons, preparing inspections for inspections, field work (compiling inspection reports, passing decisions, misdemeanour orders). Furthermore, the system supports document management (DMS), filling out forms and diagnostics using checklists, automatic connections to records offices, digital archive, report records and monitoring executed measures, management console (BAM), data analysis and reporting.

e-Inspektor is supported by archives of legislation, and enables the sharing of knowledge amongst inspectors, detecting the best inspection practices, standardization of inspection acts, and facilitates the execution of inspections through the use of checklists.

Benefits at the national level

  • Aligning regulations (feedback)
  • High quality preparation for administrative/economic/public fields
  • Citizen and business satisfaction

Benefits for institutions

  • Efficacy through standardisation
  • Organisation of memory and learning
  • Acceleration of processes
  • Prevention and corrective state functioning

Benefits for inspectors

  • Increases order and systematizes the work of inspectors
  • Systematically monitors the efficacy of individual inspectors
  • Support for individual organisations

Get to know e-Inspektor

Who uses e-Inspektor?

The support process for the work of inspection services has digitized the work of our clients:

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