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Join us!

In achieving strategic development and advancing our international presence, we need individuals who seek the opportunity to create new values, who love a challenge, are motivated and responsible, and see themselves as part of a stimulating and dynamic work environment. In order to ensure the development of our products and the placement of complex solutions that best suit the specific business needs of our current and future clients, we are continuously hiring experts who are ready to take on those challenges.

We are focused on ongoing development, competitive work conditions, work on international projects, and an innovative and creative work environment, which includes:

  • Advisory programme and support in adapting to the new work environment,
  • Continuous development programme and access to innovative global solutions and practices,
  • Competitive working conditions,
  • Monitoring work and business success,
  • Systematic rewards based on the achieved results,
  • Network of top experts and exchange of knowledge and ideas,
  • Teamwork in product development, services and applications,
  • Access to and use of the leading global practices and solutions,
  • Stimulating work environment, and
  • Participating in the growth and development of InfoDom Ltd. and the INFODOM Group.

If you would like to become a part of the InfoDom team, apply at or via the platform Talentlyft.