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Modular software platform for digitization of oral presentation

Who is C2C intended for?

For all organisations wishing to increase sales and communicate with influencers.

The C2C platform enables collaboration through all lifecycle phases and ensures: 

  • An increase in the organic reach of social media posts and creation of new sales channels
  • Optimisation of marketing activities based on analysis and monitoring sales results
  • Monitoring the process “from campaign to sales” and calculation of ROI
  • Identification, authorization and recommendation of micro-influencers for their endorsements usmenu predaju
  • Simple briefing and management of executed campaigns
  • Direct contact and collaboration with micro-influencers
  • Monitoring results of marketing and sales activities in real time
  • Simple integration with CRM systems
  • Integration with social networks

This platform enables managing relationships with influencers that will lead to the sales process.

Why C2C?

The C2C system allows for successful relationship management with micro- and nano-influencers with the aim of increasing the level of sales conversions. The system consists of:

  • A unique base of influencers and potential promoters
  • Authorisation and validation of influencers
  • Facilitates the management of digital campaigns
  • Possibility of creating new channels and increasing sales efficacy
  • Measurement of NPS (Net Promotor Scores)
  • Standardisation of the work process with influencers who collaborate, create and approve content
  • Monitoring the scope and success of digital campaigns on social media in real time
  • Monitoring all purchases achieved through digital campaigns and influencers
  • ROI calculations

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