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We continuously promote the importance of quality in developing the economy and society as a whole. We base this on accepting internationally recognized systems for quality management from key areas of our company’s activity, which enables us to achieve:

  • high quality of available products and services and customer satisfaction,
  • a guarantee of the highest level of security in the delivery of internet-based application system, with ongoing monitoring and improvement of information security,
  • quality of the lifecycle process for products and services,
  • effective management of IT services, and
  • alignment with the best global practices.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system – certified business processes: re-engineering of business processes, designing information system, development and maintenance of programme equipment, and project management.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information security management system – guarantee of the highest level of security.

ISO 20000:2018 Information technology services management system – covers the key processes in the lifecycle of products and services: from planning and budgeting, supervision over the production of services, to information security, managing suppliers, incidents and change processes, delivery of existing and new services, and fulfilment of the SLA requirements.

ISO 15489-1:2016 Records management certified platform: eGOP 10.x – eGovernance and Operations Platform, GDPR@eGOP10.x i eServices@eGOP10.x.