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SPIN procurement planning and execution system

Who is SPIN intended for?

For all those subject to apply the Public Procurement Act and for organisations that effectively manage procurement processes.

SPIN, procurement planning and execution system enables:

  • Digitalization of business processes
  • Management of financial flows, from planning needs to payment of invoices
  • Integrated overview of the overall process of spending budgetary funds
  • Effective and intelligent budget management to achieve economic savings and business effects

A web platform that ensures effective and transparent management of organizational financial flows.

Examples of good practice


There is no need to worry about compliance with the legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia or European Union guidelines; that’s our job.

Benefits for managers

  • Control of plan execution
  • Supervision over the entire procurement cycle
  • Managerial and operational reporting
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Optimisation of planning processes and procurement thanks to standardisation

Benefits for procurement staff

  • Facilitates development of procurement plans, rebalances and redistributions
  • Standardisation of procurement tasks, documentation and reports – implementation of the Public Procurement Act
  • Reduces room for errors
  • Simple to use and easy inclusion of users
  • Control of expenditure plans, framework agreements, contracts
  • Quick and easy search

Get to know SPIN

Who uses SPIN?

The planning processes and financial flow management have been digitalised for our clients:

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