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A knowledge distribution platform. Modern, personalized and measurable.

Who is the Performa 365 Platform intended for?

Performa 365 platform is intended for everyone in the organization. Companies of all sizes that have a need for employee education and training and increasing competencies, will recognize the Performa 365 platform as innovative, and simple to implement and use.

The platform enables:

  • Developing of employee skills that will increase productivity and work performance
  • Introducing new strategic competencies
  • Preparing employees for (digital) transformation and testing capabilities for the implementation and acceptance of change
  • Maximising the impacts of change and minimizing loss of performance of business processes during change
  • Providing support to employee so that they are competitive, enabling them to undergo adapted training whenever, wherever, and in any way

Solution for training and testing employee readiness for new processes and organizational change.

Why Performa 365 Platform?

The platform enables the creation of preconditions to build a strong organizational culture of learning and change management, thus bringing the organization into a state of readiness to accept and manage change in such a way as though the organization has always done it that way.

Performa 365 platform offers:

  • An analysis of the current knowledge and skills of employees
  • Recognition of the needs and models of education
  • Implementation of different types of education in line with the needs causing the change
  • Verification of knowledge by specific roles
  • Ongoing exchange of knowledge through MS Teams or another current platform

Benefits of Performa 365 Platform?

The platform allows users to retain high performance, even under conditions of continuous change. Just two steps separate you from implementation of the platform and use of all the functionalities of this solution. Thanks to its simplicity, ease of use, market functionalities and strong focus on employee development, with this platform you can achieve the competitive capacities of your employees.


  • Establish a digital platform for ongoing employee training
  • Continuous improvement of strategic and operational competencies of employees
  • Bring the organization to a state of readiness to accept change as though it had always done things this way
  • Increase productivity of the work force and reduce operating costs
  • Accelerate and simplify the execution of business processes
  • Train employees for work with any device, anywhere and anytime

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