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Privacy policy

Website intended to present the products and services of the company InfoDom d.o.o., Andrije Žaje 61, 10000 Zagreb (hereinafter: InfoDom d.o.o.)

Personal data – purpose of collection and processing

The official website of InfoDom d.o.o. does not collect personal data.

Internet address

The internet address (IP) of the viewer is used exclusively for the purpose of developing statistical reports via the service Google Analytics. InfoDom d.o.o. cannot identify visitors based on the IP address.


This website uses cookies – small files that are that are stored on the visitor’s computer to facilitate adapting the user experience – in order to develop and monitor visitor statistics.


The authenticity of the server of the InfoDom d.o.o. website can be confirmed by verifying the certificate in the internet browser.

The exchange of information with InfoDom d.o.o. and the server is protected using strong encryption.
InfoDom d.o.o. selects the service provider that includes access to personal data submitted for use based on a risk assessment, and demands an appropriate level of personal data protection from any third parties gaining access to these data.


Additional information on the protection of personal data and the InfoDom d.o.o. privacy policy can be requested at, and you can also contact us at the same address to ensure your right to privacy is secured and your personal data are protected.

Statement on cookies

By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies. By blocking cookies, you will continue to be able to use this website, though some of its functionalities may not be available.

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