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From idea to execution

Who is the IMS (Innovation management system) intended for?

The IMS Platform is intended for all members of an organization, and this can also include the entire ecosystem surrounding the company (partners, buyers, external associates, etc.). Companies of all sizes having a need for structured innovation processes and a “gamification” approach to collecting and developing ideas will recognize IMS as the perfect tool to achieve their goals.

Why manage innovations?

  • Proper innovation management ensures sustainable strategic development of the company
  • Structured innovation management allows for enhancement of the organizational culture, raising the level of knowledge, introducing discipline and transparency in the introduction of new ideas into the company, and creating a synergy of all internal processes that follow the course of development, from the initial idea to its final execution
  • Ongoing improvements in the quality of products and business processes within an organization also improves company operations, creating competitiveness and agility on the market.

A platform that ensures effective innovation management.

Why IMS?

IMS, as an innovation management system, is a digital platform that creates synergy between internal processes that track the course of development of innovations, from the initial idea to its execution. In doing so, it strengthens the innovation culture of both the organization and the employees themselves. The platform transforms companies at many levels and encompasses the complete “innovation ecosystem”, while also ensuring the company has proper archiving and sharing of knowledge and ideas within the organization. IMS is based on the gamification model, or the application of gaming elements and principles in the context of idea development. This in turn improves user engagement and motivation, while directly increasing organizational productivity.

In order to ensure that your ideas have constant access to new data about their potential, IMS uses accessible services to check trends of interest for your idea at the global and local levels (Google trends) to visualize the potential demand for them. The platform also employs the best global AI engines to continuously check relevant news associate with your ideas (opportunities for their implementation or threats from foreign competition) and assists in turning your idea into innovation at the right time (Next Big Thing).

Benefits of IMS

  • Collaboration tool for the collection, evaluation and exchange of ideas and knowledge that remain archived
  • Strengthened organizational learning
  • Increased employee motivation for inclusion in development projects
  • Reduced loss of key innovators – motivation through cooperation and rewards
  • Protection of key knowledge from loss or the departure of personnel
  • Reduced dependence on the creativity of individuals
  • Unexecuted ideas or unsuccessful innovations are “kept” for new upgrades
  • Minimises cost of lost opportunities
  • Maximizes savings due to improved internal processes
  • Ensures a rapid response towards clients – reaction to external stimuli
  • Evaluation and rewards system – financial benefit for both the individual and the organisation


  • Improved exchange of knowledge, communications and cooperation
  • Encourages personal development and expression of individuals
  • Increases employee satisfaction and motivation
  • Generates new ideas and values
  • Stimulates collective creativity
  • Increases productivity while creating innovations, thereby increasing the quality of the final product
  • Accelerates the process of creating innovations and the final product
  • Retains knowledge in the organization and stimulates its potential
  • Documents ideas from their creation to execution
  • Transparency of knowledge and approach to existing ideas
  • Improves planning and delivers products and services on time
  • Includes the company ecosystem in the innovation process
  • Identifies and mitigates business risks
  • Ensures company/organisation growth based on successfully executed innovations

Don’t allow ideas to remain only in your head. Stimulate employees to cooperate, develop an innovation culture and nurture innovativeness and excellence. Through the IMS, every good idea has the potential to become an innovation.

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