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Customer Experience Support System (CESS)

Who is CESS intended for?

For all organisations focused on the customer experience, regardless of the type of activity they do.


Managing and tracking the overall customer experience is one of the most important values in the digital transformation of an organization. It enables:

  • Increase in client and customer loyalty
  • Decrease in client and customer loss
  • Decrease in optimisation process costs
  • Increase in the value of the client and customer base
  • Optimisation of resources
  • Increase in the engagement of employee satisfaction

The functional architecture of the CESS system is based on functions that enable monitoring process quality from the client and customer perspective, and enables a timely response in order to increase their satisfaction, which in turn increases revenues.

  • CX Monitoring
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Dashboard
  • CX Maturity
  • Innovation Management
  • Employees – internal surveys


The CESS system enables:

  • Constant monitoring of the quality of mapped processes through the digitalization of the Customer Journey
  • System flexibility and adaptability to internal KPIs
  • Prioritisation of projects and activities in line with the Customer Experience values
  • Integration with CRM system and process management
  • Use of an internal survey system to measure employee satisfaction (Employee Experience)
  • Improving processes that result in a competitive edge

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