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Development strategies led by innovation are setting the bar for education requirements, and are an important factor in attaining and improving innovative capabilities of your company and your employees. As one of the most important levels where learning integrates different knowledge and value systems, at InfoDom we offer both traditional forms of education and systems of knowledge that include general development of capabilities and increasing professional competencies. Entrepreneurial competencies are those that are critical for success, and will ensure that opportunities are recognised and properly executed, and that the necessary resources are developed.

In addition to developing information systems for business, InfoDom also offers comprehensive programmes for the education of employees who manage information and communications technologies. Keeping in step with the newest techniques, theories and trends, our team of experts provides education services to all those who want to be the first to adopt new knowledge and qualifications.

If you want to learn, contact us to receive a programme that is specifically tailored to meet your needs.

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Partnership programme and certification

We invite all companies interested in implementing and maintaining the InfoDom solutions to take advantage of certification for the further development and upgrading of our applications. Expand your portfolio and increase the quality of service you offer your clients by connecting with the leading company in the provision of strategic management and business transformation services, and the integration of IT solutions based on business process management, knowledge, and programmes and projects.

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