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Platform for the electronic operations of state administration bodies – eGOP

Who is eGOP intended for?

eGOP is intended for state administration bodies, local and regional self-government units, public authority bodies and all enterprises that provide public services to citizens and businesses.

The solution is intended to establish effective, contemporary electronic operations in government bodies.

Examples of good practice

Why eGOP?

The platform is designed as an integral system for electronic operations, aimed at providing high quality public services for citizens and businesses. It allows for the establishment of the desired level of informatisation of public services, from levels of information displays to levels of targeted, automatic proactive services.

Improving operations

  • Standardisation of office business processes
  • Increasing the quality of executed tasks
  • Measuring effect from the individual level to the organisational unit
  • Increasing the satisfaction of customers and participants in the process

Savings and transparency

  • Reduces the number of errors and complaints
  • Reduces costs (electronic exchange of documentation, reducing paper and toner consumption, etc.)
  • Transparent operations

Increases the use efficacy of infrastructure

  • Simpler reporting and business analyses
  • Increased capabilities and flexibility to react to numerous changes in the environment
  • Establishing the preconditions for complete electronic operations and the exchange of information with legal entities, citizens and state administration bodies


eGOP is an open, modular, highly integrated platform that ensures interoperability and standardisation, and establishes efficient, contemporary electronic operations of government bodies. ISO 15489-1:2016 Records management is a certified platform consisting of two systems: eGOP10.x and GDPR@eGOP10.x.

Functional characteristics

  • Case management system (CMS)
  • Document management system (DMS)
  • Business process management (WMF/BPM)
  • Organisation, credentials and classification management (MDM)
  • Advanced reporting with trend and KPI tracking
  • Connectors with DII: e-Građani (NIAS and OKP), OIB, e-Pristojbe
  • e-Usluge: e-Podnesak (internet portal for clients), eOtprema
  • Electronic authentication and electronic signatures
  • Connectors to national platforms: e-Račun, ZUP IT
  • Connections with other systems (SOAP and REST integration interfaces)

Non-functional characteristics

  • Mobility – usability on a wide spectrum of devices and internet browsers
  • Regular legal alignments (legal team)
  • Regular technological alignments
  • Regular functional upgrades in roadmap development
  • High security (compliance with ZSIS requirements)
  • Reliability and accessibility
  • Performance and scalability (capacity for 30–10,000+ users)
  • Compatible with cloud infrastructure
  • Modern technological basis supported by the leading world suppliers

Get to know eGOP

Who uses eGOP?

The platform for digitalisation of business processes and documents is used by:

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