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Partner programme

In order to protect quality and ensure business continuity, our partners also have certificates of technological vendors (principals) on which technologies our products are built.

Nautical applications

A way to achieve certificates for the further development and updating of applications in the field of nautical transport.

In order to attain one of the certificates for further development and upgrading of specific applications in the field of natural transport, it is necessary to successfully pass the courses for the specific application organized by InfoDom Ltd. Zagreb: “Ship register, Technical inspections and calibration, Placing recreational vessels on the market, eNautica, Records of arrivals and stays of foreign yachts and boats, Supervision of charter activities, Records of crossing the national border, eBilling system for collecting fees stipulated under nautical regulations, Nautical incidents, Logbook of received information (extraordinary events), Expert system of nautical examinations, and Register of concessions on the

Courses are held at the premises of InfoDom Ltd. Zagreb, Andrije Žaje 61/1 in Zagreb, and each courses lasts a total of 24 hours (3 hours a day, 8 days). Upon successful completion of the course, the participant receives the certificate for that application. By successfully passing all the above courses, it is possible to receive all six (6) certificates.

Courses are organized based on participant demand, with a minimum of five (5) participants per course. The course is held on eight (8) consecutive working days from the agreed start date, in the afternoon/evening hours (from 5 to 8 pm). maritime demesne”.

The price of each course is 1311 EUR per participant, and includes attending the course, taking the examination and issuance of the certificate.

In order to register for a course, please contact us by e-mail at:, and all the necessary information will be delivered by e-mail.