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The INFODOM Group is made up of 14 affiliated companies established in Croatia and abroad, which work systematically to achieve the mission of the INFODOM Group – IDG: to cooperate in making your development visions a reality, and to drive the digital transformation of public administration and the economy.

Established in 1993, InfoDom Ltd. is one of Croatia’s leading companies in the field of business management, service consulting, re-engineering business processes and project management. We design, develop and implement information systems, in line with the guidelines of contemporary business, the rules of quality systems, laws of the Republic of Croatia and the highest European standards.

An integral part of the INFODOM Group is the company TELEDOM Ltd., specialized in telecommunications and information consulting. The company is focused on providing electronic operations services and implementing electronic invoices for legal and natural persons using advanced ICT technologies.

The INFODOM Group also features the company ESSPERTA Ltd. with its product Performa 365 that supports change management for digital transformation and for knowledge management within the company. The company is specialized in consulting services and the development of software products in the fields of organizational learning and knowledge management.

Rač Ltd. is a company that created the IT platform for the e-račun (e-invoice) service that enables the digital receipt, payment and archiving of invoices. Rač became a part of the INFODOM Group in early 2019, at the same time as the acquisition of the platform Svirač, based on the Group’s intention to intensify the development of systems that will enable service integration for all types of invoices in one place.

The INFODOM Group is also active in the education segment, through the ILBA Adult Education Institute. ILBA organizes expert, tailor-made education in line with market demands and client interests, in addition to target seminars, expert meetings and conferences. The Business Processes and Knowledge Management Conference (BPC) and Digital Transformation Conference (DTC) are deserving of special mention.
In recognizing the importance of the written word and the need to expand knowledge of news in the ICT world amongst the business community, InfoDom also issues the quarterly expert magazine Infotrend, in both print and electronic form.
The INFODOM Group is present on the Croatian market and also directly present on foreign markets with companies seated in Bosnia and Herzegovina (InfoDom Sarajevo Ltd. and Teledom Ltd. Mostar), Serbia (InfoDom SEE d.o.o.) and the United Kingdom (InfoDom WE Ltd.).