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Development of a digital platform for building Critical Infrastructure Protection Systems in Smart Industries – CIP 4 SI

This project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund

Brief description of the project with objectives
The project CIP 4 SI is carried out in cooperation with the companies InfoDom, Končar KET, Beyondi and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing from Zagreb.

Many industries are networked and have large control centers, where the security requirements of such centers, where there is a high level of digitization, have increased. States have designated critical infrastructures for very important deliveries of goods and services and defined regulations for their protection. The great potential of Smart Industries is accompanied by great threats, not only cyber, but also hybrid.

The purpose of the project is the development of innovative technologies and solutions related to security flaws and leading to the prevention of security threats.

Project objectives and expected results

The goal of the project is to develop four products/services and offer them to existing and potential users, primarily on the EU market:

– Digital platform for the establishment and support of critical infrastructure protection systems and for the security of management systems of companies in Smart Industries
– Digital ecosystem development services to support critical infrastructure protection systems, and security development of enterprise management systems in Smart Industries
– Smart SCADA Platform
– SZKI GRC Compliance

Total project value (HRK): 24,517,767.19
Total grant (HRK): 14,517,767.19
Project implementation period: 17.02.2021. – 17.08.2023.

Contact person for more information:

Ph.D. Slavko Vidović, project manager

Domen Verdnik, technical project manager

Mihaela Jurić, head of the Department for preparation and implementation of EU projects

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