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Food & Rural CC – Competency centre for the digital transformation of the food industry in rural areas (CEKOM)

This project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund

Brief description of the project with objectives
Through R&D activities, a digital ecosystem of agro-technical solutions will be developed for the successful commercialisation of CEKOM results, pertaining to the development mechanisms to more efficiently use resources, apply knowledge and innovation in the production, processing and distribution of food. The system will connect mutually complementary groups of companies, people and/or things that share standardised solutions. Eight new products will be created on the market, and they will be trademark protected. This will enable the retention of existing and recruitment of new employees, and increase sales revenues by about 20%.

Project partners
Partner 1: Zavod za informatičku djelatnost Hrvatske
Partner 2: Faculty of Organisation and Information, University of Zagreb

Project collaborator
Nikola Tesla Innovation Centre

Expected results
Through the development, execution and results of projects, digital transformation will be launched for all participants, particularly food industry subjects in rural areas. This will stimulate economic growth, increase the competitiveness of the rural and agricultural sectors, and will result in accomplishments primarily in increasing awareness, visibility, readiness and an increase in the knowledge base, and finally, the innovativeness of service users. The justification of the CEKOM project is visible from its accomplishments:

  • I. Increased absorption of DT and Ind. 4.0 in rural areas
  • II. Increased competitiveness of entities in rural areas
  • III. Accelerated social development and preserving inhabitation of rural areas

Total project value (HRK): 13.140,060,37
Total grant (HRK): 7.762.038,35 kn
Project implementation period: 04. 05. 2020. – 04. 01. 2023.

Contact person for more information

Domen Verdnik, project manager

Mihaela Jurić, head of the Department for preparation and implementation of EU projects

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