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InfoDom Croatia

The very source of our business operations, and the common good, i.e. creating and adding values, is our mission statement “To learn...and to teach...“. We believe that today’s work implies learning and knowledge-driven cooperation, with the aim of the common good. We aspire to accomplish our mission by identifying, gaining insight and assisting our clients in accomplishing their Mission-Vision-Strategy.
Thus such source implies the following standpoints:
  • learning and growth are fundamental processes enabling quality and efficiency of business systems,
  • purposeful and beneficial business processes result in client’s satisfaction,
  • steady financial results are only a natural consequence of such approach.


Founder / single member of Ltd
  • Prof. dr. sc. Slavko Vidović

Management Board:
  • Hrvoje Sagrak, President of the Management Board
  • Ivan Barbarić, Member of the Management Board
  • Goran Marković, Member of the Management Board

Basic information:
Company name: InfoDom Ltd.,Telematics, trade and construction
President of the Management Board: Hrvoje Sagrak
A. Žaje 61, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
A. Žaje 61/I, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
The competent court: Commercial court in Zagreb
Company registration number: 080043540
Registration number:
Zagrebačka banka d.d., Paromlinska 2,
HR- 10000 Zagreb
The structure of ownership:
100% private
The joint capital:
780.000 Kn
Equity capital:
2.227.800,00 Kn
Number of full-time employees:
Contractual Associates: